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Sound and Energy Sessions
Transformation through Sound Healing and Subtle Energy Sessions in the Milwaukee Area

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Sound Healing and Subtle Energy Work are very potent means of transformation on all levels. Combining sound with exceptionally powerful esoteric energies helps one move beyond their current physical, emotional and mental patterns. Sound and Energy Work can be done in group settings with group intention, or individually focused.

A session may have a general intention, for example, of creating balance or reducing stress or an intention may be made to manifest, release or address something more specific.


"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word said, Let there be light." – Genesis

“In the beginning God Brahma uttered sound and out of this the universe came into being”.
– Upanishads

“The Om rightly sounded releases the soul from the realm of glamour and enchantment. It is the sound of liberation, the great note of resurrection and the raising of humanity to the Secret Place of the Most High after all other Words and Sounds have failed.” - Alice A. Bailey

“Om sounded forth, with intent thought behind it, acts as a disturber, a loosener of the coarse matter of the body of thought, of emotion, and of the physical body. When sounded forth with intense spiritual aspiration behind it, it acts as an attractive medium, and gathers in particles of pure matter to fill the places of those earlier thrown out.” - Alice A. Bailey

“We are on a path of conscious evolution when we begin to understand that we are bodies of living consciousness not bodies of matter. We are vibrational beings and sound is a vibrational key for shifting our frequency and accessing different levels of consciousness”. Deborah Van Dyke


"I feel like I am vibration - in my body - out of my body in another dimension."

Using a ruby alchemy bowl, combined with other quartz crystal bowls, mantras, and overtones, Susan works directly on and around the body. Clients may focus on different energy centers, emotions, places within the body, or memories (at times using the breath to release), while Susan plays the bowls and allows the sound to come through her. When comfortable, the client may create their own sounds to “unwind” painful emotional or physical states. As sound lives in the quantum world where intention informs all outcomes, sessions proceed from an understanding that intention plus frequency produces desired change.

What Sound Does: Sound affects us on many levels and in many ways.


  • Gives emotional pleasure, and can shift emotional states nearly instantaneously
  • Facilitates creativity – helping to give inspiration and form to new ideas
  • Helps the body vibrate optimally, unwinding emotional issues and calming the mind
  • Releases, unblocks, informs, increase healthy flow, balances
  • Transports into different states of consciousness
  • Expresses gratitude
  • Quickly alters brain wave patterning and increases chemicals such as endorphins
  • “Massages” the pituitary and hypothalamus, which positively affects brain chemicals including hormones when vowels are sounded in a particular way to create vibrations
  • Shifts brain states to support meditation, dreams, creativity, and calm through the use of specific frequencies and rhythmic patterns
  • Creates and recreates our lives


As a S.U.N. teacher, Susan is able to access and “run” energies from all major spiritual traditions. This includes but is not limited to Huna from Hawaii, Drisana from Tibet, Miraculous Vessels from Taoist traditions, Reiki from Japan and energies from the Angelic Realm and Egypt. These spiritual energies are called Shakti, an Eastern word which means intelligent energies that have the capacity to do work. In the past these energies were provided primarily through experiences with very advanced beings, like Gurus. Most of these energies are ancient and have only recently been made available to the public through S.U.N. (Reiki, the most recognized subtle energy is compatible with, but is not a S.U.N. energy). Like the colors in the rainbow, each energy has its own frequencies, intensities, and hues. Each energy also has a different level of intelligence and sophistication. S.U.N. energies are completely safe, may be accessed separately, or may be combined. This energy work can facilitate changes on all levels – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Some examples of specific intention include:

  • Balancing, aligning, and clearing chakras, meridians, and layers of the subtle body
  • Processing and releasing emotional blocks and issues
  • Clearing negative mental patterns
  • Harmonizing and integrating different aspects of the self
  • Balancing left/right hemispheres
  • Clearing the Central Channel
  • Deeply working with individual energy centers
  • Infusing Soul energy into the personality
S.U.N. teachers are among the most accomplished energy workers anywhere!

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Sound and S.U.N. energies are combined for the purpose of supporting wholeness and evolving consciousness through working with issues described above under Sound Healing Sessions and Energy Work Sessions.

"I went so deep - so relaxed - no thoughts - and I felt all sorts of releasing going on."


Susan is available to bring sound and energy to groups of people interested in addressing particular themes.

Some examples of this include working on issues of a specific chakra, cultivating gratitude, abundance, and unconditional love, or releasing anger, grief, and past life karma..

S.U.N. energies Drisana™ and Huna:

“ I feel more complete…my divine being is revealing itself to me…I am becoming more of who I truly am”.

“I finally feel as if there is a foundation to my spiritual evolution”

“The energies so powerful and intelligent, yet so easy and immediate. Exactly what I like to use for myself and my patients”

“Less anxious and depressed”

“Life changing – easier time moving through life’s challenges”

“More vitality and intuitive awareness”

Angel Classes – “..feel loving presence daily”, “life has become more abundant in many ways”

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