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The Celestial Chorus Within
Astrology, Psychology &12 Archetypal Energies
Keys to Self-Awareness, Compassion,
Consciousness, Transformation
by Susan Wasserman

The Celestial Chorus

Table of Contents


Our Journey to Becoming
Psychology and Astrology

Understanding Astrology Charts
The Four Elements: Fire, Earth, Air, Water
The Three Modalities: Cardinal, Fixed, Mutable
Lack and Compensation in the Astrology Chart
Similar Expressions of Energy within the Astrology Chart

The Twelve Signs  of the Zodiac
ARIES   The Development of Separate Self The Lesson of Patience March 20—April 20
TAURUS  The Search for Value   The Lesson of Detachment   April 20—May 21
GEMINI The Need to Think and Experience Variety   The Lesson of Control   May 21—June 21
CANCER The Need for Emotions and Nurturance   The Lessons of Discernment  June 21—July 22
LEO Seeking Individuation, Will, and Creativity  The Lessons Of Humility  July 22—August 23
VIRGO  The Pursuit of Meaningful Service   The Lesson of Tolerance August 23—September 23
LIBRA  The Search for Self Within Union  The Lesson of Decisiveness September 23—October 23
SCORPIO The Search for Transformation  The Lesson of Forgiveness October 23—November 22
SAGITTARIUS  The Search for Truth and Meaning The Lesson of Restraint November 22—December 21
CAPRICORN  The Need for Responsibility and Duty The Lesson of Social Ability December 21—January 20
AQUARIUS The Search for the Higher Truth  Lessons of the Heart and Warmth January 20- February 9
PISCES The Search for Peace  The Lesson of Perseverance   February 19—March 20

Key Concepts for the Astrology Signs

The Twelve Houses of the Zodiac

Planetary Expressions
Retrograde Planets




Resources and References

About the Author

Complete with color images this text offers a friendly introduction
to readers new to astrology as well as unique perspectives
and information for more advanced students of the study.

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“Astrology represents the summation of all the psychological knowledge of antiquity”.

"Obviously astrology has much to offer psychology, but what the latter can offer its sister is less evident."

  ~ Carl Jung

The Author

Susan Wasserman has been a practicing psychotherapist for 23 years and a student of astrology for 40.  Her practice weaves together talk and leading edge therapies including Brainspotting, Energy Psychology techniques, Sound,  Mindfulness, and Past Life Regression Therapy.  Psychological Astrology is offered to those interested.

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