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The Celestial Chorus Within
Astrology, Psychology &12 Archetypal Energies
Keys to Self-Awareness, Compassion,
Consciousness, Transformation
by Susan Wasserman

The Celestial Chorus

Excerpt from the book

"In many ways, traditional psychology has failed to recognize that each human is a complex, unique being.  We know each snowflake, each tree, and each flower is one of a kind and we celebrate the miraculous nature of such diverse splendor.  Astrology sees each individual as a whole and unique expression of universal symbols, principles, patterns, and energies.  Unfortunately when it comes to how we see ourselves from more mainstream perspectives, we are not so willing to accept ourselves as fascinating unique beings complete with conflicts, contradictions, and multiple facets.  Instead we try to fit humans into neat and tidy one-dimensional categories."

#2 Except

"The astrology chart is a sacred document - a statement of energetic and consciousness patterns that suggest one's responses to life in describable ways.  The value of studying astrology rests on the premise that the horoscope is a blueprint of character and character is one of the most essential determinants of how life is lived.  Best viewed as a map that facilitates awareness of the self, the astrology chart offers an opportunity to profoundly understand oneself and others through the recognition of the interplay of archetypes, energies, and forces captured within the horoscope.  When pondered, a chart can evoke a type of thinking that illuminates our personal and spiritual journeys."

Complete with color images this text offers a friendly introduction
to readers new to astrology as well as unique perspectives
and information for more advanced students of the study.

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“Astrology represents the summation of all the psychological knowledge of antiquity”.

"Obviously astrology has much to offer psychology, but what the latter can offer its sister is less evident."

  ~ Carl Jung


The Author

Susan Wasserman has been a practicing psychotherapist for 23 years and a student of astrology for 40.  Her practice weaves together talk and leading edge therapies including Brainspotting, Energy Psychology techniques, Sound,  Mindfulness, and Past Life Regression Therapy.  Psychological Astrology is offered to those interested.

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